We handle transportation

You need to move people around.

Does your business require you dispatch cars for your clients? Need to move your employees around with safety and accountability? Want to provide extra service to your customers?

We give you a way to do it. Teleport Dashboard grants you the power of an unlimited fleet of drivers around the globe, with zero overhead and zero upfront fees.

  • Hospitals are reducing costs

    Hospitals are reducing long-term care costs in health care by using Teleport Dashboard to bring patients to their appointments on time.

  • Making life easier for the elderly

    Bring the convenience of ride-sharing to new populations. Shuttle guests to their loved ones, and bring health care professionals on home visits with the reliability of Uber.

  • Never worry about an empty stadium again

    Use Teleport Dashboard to bring out your most important supporters to your next event.

  • Give your guests VIP treatment at a fraction of the cost

    Provide door-to-door service to your customers without the overhead of running a relationship with a separate private car service. Let us handle getting the car. You cater to your guests.

  • Your clients will love the extra touch

    Send your best clients cars to bring them to that next meeting. They select the pickup location and we'll dispatch the car. Earn those extra points.

  • Never worry about an empty bar again

    Use Teleport Dashboard to promote your restaurant or bar by bringing guests at a moment's notice. Make them feel special, and they'll be coming back soon enough.

Dispatching rides is a breeze…

  • Tell us who needs to go where

    Don't know where they are? No worries, we'll ask them before we dispatch the car.

  • Send multiple simultaneous rides

    Got more than one guest coming and going? No problem. Teleport Dashboard handles multiple rides without a hitch.

  • Schedule rides for the future

    Plan ahead and schedule rides for your customers. You can even upload a spreadsheet and we'll arrange all the rides.

…and receiving rides is even easier.

  • Picking up is a breeze

    We alert the passenger their ride is on the way. They can even tell us where they want to be picked up.

  • Easy and clear communication

    Teleport helps the driver and passenger coordinate the pickup. The dispatcher is free to tackle the rest of their day.

  • Travel with peace of mind

    The driver already has the destination, so no need to sweat the small details. Room for error decreased.

Leverage the power of

Our service is (super)powered by the UBER API, so you can expect the reliability and service of UBER when you book a ride through Teleport Dashboard.

Select UberX for the fastest service, or upgrade to BLACK service for that extra touch.


Simple and instant

Works across any platform, including voice

No smartphone?
No problem

Only limited by your imagination

Multiple, simultaneous

Set and forget it

Batch scheduling of
future rides

Simple, transparent pricing

Just $2 per ride.

We’re not kidding around. We only charge $2 for rides sent through our service (on top of the cost of the fare, of course).

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