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Get Your Friends Delivered

One tap sends an Uber to their location.


Teleport is a fun tool to help you and your friends hang out.

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We used this today to transport a family member who doesn't drive to and from a doctor's appointment. So much better than taking two hours off work to drive her myself!!

by write2krissy via the App Store

“Teleportation is real! Push a button to have your friends delivered to you.”

Chris Sacca (via Twitter)

“…There’s an app for that. It’s called Teleport, and if you ask me, it’s pretty genius.”

Elite Daily


Ben Basche (via Twitter)



Is this really teleportation? No, this isn’t true, sci-fi style teleportation. We tried that, but people kept arriving with an extra arm growing out of their forehead. But, until science figures out that whole forehead-arm thing, this is about as close as you’re going to get. how,works,actual,how does it work, how does the app work, how does teleport work
How do you know my friend’s location? Have you been tracking them for years!? Whoa, whoa. Calm down. Your friend just drops a pin when they receive the Teleport request. That’s it. privacy, sharing, share my location,stalker
How is this different from using Uber directly?

Well, in simple terms, it’s a whole heck of a lot easier. I mean, sure, if you wanted to, you could:

  • Find out where your friend is (which involves waiting for them to respond to your text, which, if you’ve got flaky friends like we do, could be 20 minutes.)
  • Check if they’re ready, make sure they have pants on, et cetera.
  • Text them the car type, license plate number, and driver’s name. And who doesn’t love switching multiple times between the Uber app and text to make sure you copy everything right? (The answer is no one.)
  • Text them the ETA, because they definitely still haven’t put on pants.
  • Text and/or call them when the car has arrived, hopefully in the right place.
  • If the car isn’t right outside, enjoy jumping on an awkward conference call while you help your friend figure out just where that Camry Hybrid ended up.

After all that, your friend still doesn’t know where they’re going or how long it will take. Some people love surprises, but a whole lot more don’t. Or, you know, you could just use Teleport. Eliminate all these steps, plus they’ll get a map and everything, just like a standard Uber user. Seems easier, right?

why,use teleport,instead,why would i,what sort,how does this work, how does it work, what is this
But my friend doesn’t have Teleport! Surely this must be a problem? Nah. They don’t even need to have the app. Teleport away. who,who can i,download the app
But my friend doesn’t have an iPhone! I’m totally out of luck, right? Again, nah. They’ll get a link to a web app. We thought of everything. my friend has android,my friend has microsoft phone,my friend has windows,ios,nokia,tablet,samsung
But my friend doesn’t use Uber. Betcha didn’t think of that, geniuses. But we did. As before, they don’t need to have the Uber app to get Teleported. They can just use the web app we mentioned above. no uber,what if they don't have

Using Teleport

This is cool, when should I Teleport someone? Teleport someone you haven’t seen in a while and reconnect. Teleport your tech-averse grandpa to Thanksgiving dinner. Teleport your mom to see your new apartment. Teleport your friend who’s too lazy to come out, even though it’s Friday, and that guy/girl they like is at the bar. Teleport that “special” friend to Netflix and chill. Teleport Leonard Nimoy somewhere, just because it would be funny. who uses Teleport,who can i use teleport on, what are some examples of how to use,how do i use teleport,how do i teleport,when would i use teleport,when would i teleport,when should i use teleport
OK, I downloaded the Teleport App. Now what? Try sending a teleport to a friend, or add your friends who are already on the Teleport platform.
Does my friend have to agree to be teleported? Yes. Your friend has to accept the Teleport request. Otherwise, this would be “kidnapping,” which is a felony.
What does my friend see when they get teleported? They’ll see an ETA on the uber and a map to the final location. They’ll also see the driver’s name, license plate number, and driver number. what is it like to receive a teleport, receive a request, what happens when,how does this work, how does it work, do you give me your friends estimates, do you give my friend estimates of
Does my friend know where they are being teleported to? Yup. They’ll see where they’re going on one of those old navigational stand-bys: a map. what is it like to receive a teleport, receive a request, what do they see when teleported, what happens when, do you tell my friend, do you give my friend
Can I teleport anyone from anywhere? Within a 100 mile limit, yes. We work anywhere Uber does. Which is all around the world. But, unfortunately, your friends in Juneau, Alaska are likely out of luck. But we’re working on expanding this radius. where does this work,where does this app work,where does it work, asia, china, europe, uk, london, paris, california, new york, united states, japan, tokyo, international, overseas,what if they are not in the US,what if they are in asia
How do I change the expiration on my Teleports so they don’t expire? If you tap on the side menu in the app, then tap “Settings”, there are options to select expiration times of 1 hour, 24 hours, or Never. how,expiration,expire,never,1 hour,24 hours,how to change expiration,keyboard

Teleport Keyboard

What is Teleport Keyboard App? Teleport is a custom keyboard to send Teleport rides from any messaging app. We like to think of it as Flash Teleports! After opening the Keyboard App, tap where you would like to Teleport your friend to (to you or somewhere nearby), and hit send. It’s that simple. what is teleport keyboard,what is keyboard,keyboard,send teleport from
Why should I use the Keyboard App? Does it do anything different from the normal app? It makes sending a Teleport as easy as sending a text message. Send a Teleport from your favorite messaging apps, including: iMessage, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, KakaoTalk, Tinder, Hinge, OkCupid, Slack or even email! You’ll never have to leave a conversation again to send a Teleport! keyboard,how is keyboard different,differences,vs. app
The keyboard app is mind-blowing and game-changing! Yes, we agree. keyboard,mind-blowing,cool,game-changing,wow,so cool
Hold on, do I have to download another app to use the keyboard? No, the keyboard app is FREE and is already part of your normal Teleport App. You do have to enable it though since it requires full access in iOS settings. Tap the side menu icon and then follow the instructions in Keyboard setup. keyboard,download,download keyboard app, do I have
Hmmm, now what do I do? Send Teleports from any of your messaging services. To see the keyboard app hold down on the globe icon in any keyboard and tap on “Teleport”. It’s the same globe icon that you tap for access to emojis and different languages. what now,keyboard
Why can’t I type in an address or select a different location further away? The Keyboard App wants to make it as fast and easy as possible for you to send a Teleport. It uses data from Foursquare to recommend the highest rated places near you. how,select different,select further,location,keyboard
I installed it, but it’s still not working! Did you follow these instructions? Go to Settings, tap “General”, “Keyboard”, then tap on “Keyboards” again. “Teleport” will appear as one of the keyboards, but you will need to tap “Teleport” again to enable the “Allow full access” switch. Switch this on. not working,keyboard,disabled,can't see

Teleport Dashboard

Can you teleport multiple people at the same time? I’m throwing myself a birthday party in 25 minutes. On the iOS app you can only send one Teleport at a time. However, we have the Teleport Dashboard that allows you to send multiple simultaneous Teleports. Interested in Teleport Dashboard? Please email to get access. can i chain friends, multiple friends,mass,business,enterprise,teleport for business,corporation

Cost and Payment

Who pays for the Teleport? The sender pays for the teleport. So if you receive a Teleport, it’s free. If you send a teleport, well, you’re a great friend. do i have to pay,does my friend pay,how much does it cost,does the app cost money
How much does a Teleport ride cost? It costs exactly the same as a normal Uber ride. We don't charge any additional fees. We've found that zero extra fees has proven to be, by far, people's favorite amount of extra fees.
What type of Uber does Teleport send to my friend? Once you tap on a friend to Teleport, you'll get to decide what kind of Uber to send them. Teleport supports all available Uber products, so you can send an UberBLACK to that hot date you're trying to impress, and an UberX when you just need your best friend to help you finish an overzealous buffalo wing order at the sports bar.

Help and Support

This is so cool, do you have an Android version? First of all, thanks for saying it’s cool. We think YOU’RE cool. As for an Android version, expect it in early 2016. Android users can still accept teleports however, so your one friend Sheila with the Samsung Galaxy isn’t stranded. i have android,i have a microsoft phone,i have windows,ios,nokia,samsung
Does Teleport work with Lyft or Gett? We currently only integrate with Uber’s API. But we work anywhere Uber does. Which is all around the world. yellow cab, taxi,where does this work,where does this app work,where does it work, asia, china, europe, uk, london, paris, california, new york, united states, japan, tokyo, international, overseas,what if they are not in the US,what if they are in asia
When will you guys start working on time travel? Only once we’re confident that the multiverse can handle the huge amounts of alternate timelines that time travel would create. So we’re probably at least a few months away. this is stupid
I forgot my password, what do I do now? You can’t use the app anymore. Just kidding! Go here and get your password tattooed on you Memento-style for next time. Actually, that’s a terrible security decision. Don’t do that.
I found an error and Teleport isn’t working for me. What now? We’re sorry about the inconvenience! Shoot us an e-mail at and we’ll get right back to you. i have a problem, something's not working, the app is broken, i can't get, the app keeps crashing
It’s a long story, but I’m trapped in the belly of a whale. Can I use Teleport to bring someone to rescue me? How very biblical of you. Unfortunately, in addition to the fact that you’re underwater, the whale’s blubber will likely inhibit cell service. We’re pretty surprised you could even access this FAQ from in there. test
I can't find the answer to my question! Help? Shoot us an e-mail at and we’ll get right back to you.